Magic Airships

Destination : Red Moon

Just want to share this here. This was an entry for a weekly challenge with the topic ‘setting sails’ last week. Blender 2.79, rendered with Cycles 256 samples + denoising, using procedural textures only, effects and compositing done in Blender. Will upload a turntable animation of the airship too later on.

Love this man! Nicely done. Did you use some kind of toon shader or something? I like the style of it. Will be sharing this on the Blendermania Instagram page!

Thanks a lot! No, I’m not using toon shader, just ordinary principled shaders. The planet/orbit glow effect is actually a background texture (gradient). Might still need to tweak the planet texture though, I think.

Ah gotcha. Well it looks nice for sure. Great job!

As promised, here’s the turntable animation for the airship. GIF assembly done with GIMP.

Amazing man! Thanks for sharing