Low-Poly "Prompt" Animation Project 1

It has been too long since I’ve done an animation and I’m aiming to fix that. So often I get vague ideas, snippets of ideas, or only characters but nothing to do with them. After some discussion and prompting, a direction has finally been decided.

My next project shall be under the theme of “Jungle/Cave Adventure”!

Since this isn’t an official contest entry, that means I can use prior assets and other things I feel would fit the project. This is good news for me, so this means I’ll be using a character that I already have modeled and rigged. However, for this animation, I’ll get more creative with the design and probably make some things a bit more complex. But the other benefit of it not being a contest piece is that I can show the progression of the project, since there’s no competition. In fact, anything I do with my animation is freely shared so that any aspiring animator can find tips, tricks and help with the progression of the video!

So, there is still a lot of brainstorming going on for what I want to include with the animation. As such, a lot of this topic is half me announcing progress but also half me talking to myself to get my thoughts out for re-reading later. So, I’ll start by having some bullet points for intentions:

  • First animation of mine to have sound effects, not just music.

  • Include both Jungle and Cave settings.

  • First non-“test” animation for my OC, Ryo, to star in.

  • Hoping for ~3 minutes long, my longest video to date. (Split into 3 segments) While hoping for 3 minutes, it will for certain be 1 minute at absolute minimum.

  • Boss battle included, which was an aspect of film making that got me into animation to begin with.

  • Aiming to get at least most of it done by the end of July. Not a strict deadline, but a goal to aim for.

So, bear with me as I make this animation into reality! This is what I am trying to accomplish with my skills, after all! I hope you guys will be happy to see it come to fruition as I am! Also, thank you Alex for the prompt to get this finally going in a direction!

This is the character model I’ll be working with for the video. Ryo here will be updated as the whole thing progresses. Mostly, his outfit. It will require some asymmetrical parts and some new fittings on some things. New materials, more shape keys for facial expressions and hand poses as well. But this is the kind of movement I’m planning on him so far!


Very cool man! Look forward to seeing the updates for this and the boss battle! :smiley:

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Ryo’s outfit has been added to! While I think he could have more, I think he’s really good as is for a simple project. Best I don’t over-complicate the main character on my first main video in over a year. I think the main points have come across.

And with that, I just need to make some Shape Keys for his hands, eyes and eyebrows. But I’ll be doing that as needed. I think I can begin to focus on other aspects of the video, now.

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I can say two things for certain. 1, I am NOT going to make the end-of-July initial hopeful deadline. I’ll just get it done when it’s done. I just had a lot going on this month and my vacation was me with full-on relax mode active. 2, I have made progress, nonetheless. Specifically, I’ve been working on plant life and materials, as well as some rock materials. All of the materials shown are made from Nodes! I’m still only a beginner in the Node course and I’m already making some leaps and bounds in my low-poly assets. This should greatly improve my work in future videos, including this one.


Dude what the heck….these are so good! All with nodes? Very well done man. Definitely come a long way

Well, the textures are nodes. The plants themselves are modeled. ^^


Still super cool! Going to be a sweet animation I can feel it already

make him move dude…ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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