Loop Cut Quits Working

I’m trying to complete the lesson on Loop Cut and can complete the door loop cut, but when i try the window and use Ctrl-R, no loop cutg line appears. The Google Drive link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gHHOUzKOLnAdx-qinNQ2BbXDv--lrUw-/view?usp=sharing

The loop cut lines do not appear after I add the door.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey Cliff! The reason you can’t add loopcuts on the side for the window is because you have some faces on the inside that need to be deleted. Delete these 3 faces

Thanks - I eliminated the faces you highlighted, but there still must be one to delete. The roof now allows me to create a loop cut but the side of the house does not.

How can I get Blender to show me all the faces so I can look for the extras?

Thanks again!

Hey Cliff, when I looked at the model as well there were a lot of double vertices or vertices not joined properly with the ones next to it. Make sure to merge those by selecting the two and then right click, merge vertices

Thanks - I’ll look at either doing that or simply recreating the house.

I’m still interested in finding a way to list all the faces, or edges, or vertices so finding this is easier. Do you know any way to do that?

Thanks again.