LIghting Scene & Texture

Hi Alex, hope your good. Just like to ask how can I achieve this lighting and glossy texture ( ) . My scene looks over saturated and lighting becomes to noisy when I put too much intensity on my lamps. My car reflections also have too much light bounces not unlike this one. It’s cooler to the eyes. Hope to hear from you dude. Thanks for your time ?


Hey Joel! For a scene like that, a couple things you can do to get similar results.

As you see in image 1, if you go to the world settings and brighten the color of the surface (and you can do the strength) it will give you a similar lighting effect called environmental lighting which is what they are using in that scene it seems. Next for the noise, as you see in image 2, you can go to the scene data and select “denoising” which will help with that. Thirdly for the materials, use a pricipled shader with the metallic level set to 1 for the reflection and then you can use the roughness value to adjust the shine. Hope this helps you!

Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for the helpful tips… I’ve already tested it and it worked! :slight_smile: I can continue working now in my project. I’ve been stuck in a week just figuring this one out. Thanks again for you time bro :slight_smile:


Anytime bro! Happy I could help. Can’t wait to see the finished result!