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friends this space is to share the add-ons that you discover or already use

So yesterday I started studying all the add-ons that are present in Blender. I found out : Mesh: Edit mesh Tools.

Mesh tools is a build-in addon for version 2.8 which is a collection of useful addons for editing.

(Instead in version 2.82 it is already in the Bevel settings with CTRL B just set vertex only)

for example:

Very cool Francesca Thanks for sharing. Addons are awesome :slight_smile: lol at your little guy in SS. Hilarious

Modular Tree add-on

Wanna make a tree for your scene? Of course you do trees are awesome!
Are you too lazy to model it? Of course you are, you’re an artists and artists are always lazy!
Well here’s the modular tree add-on, it’s node based and can quickly generate any kind of tree you want for your scene.
You’ll find the download link and a video tutorial on how to use it. It’s compatible with blender 2.8 and onwards. The video also shows you how to texture it and add leaves to it.
The screenshot is me playing around with it

Download Link: GitHub - MaximeHerpin/modular_tree at blender_28
Video Tutorial: YouTube is not currently available on this device. - YouTube

thanks for contributing Blush

That’s what this place is for :wink:



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Model importer from Google Maps


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Some are free & some you have to pay for


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This might interest some one from CG Cookie

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BPainter 2.0

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The new Building add on.

Makes modeling buildings a breeze !

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This will be helpful to a lot of people including me.

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Its free with tutorials.

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