Lego Tie Bomber Project

This Is a project I have been wanting to do for a while now, I designed this a while back from scratch in CAD with a unfortunate story, I was trying to sell it to Lego. But they wouldn’t buy the design. They were willing to take the design and use it but not buy it, I made instructions to build it and everything. I bought 120 lbs of legos to design things to sell , plan on buying more if it worked out. In the End it didn’t work out.

So now that I been learning Blender , I thought it would be great to try to import it into Blender. And after 3 weeks in my off time I have figured it out and I have gotten a good start to where I can work on it and fix it , it’s not perfect needs quads and topology fixed, alignment issues, colors and mats are off on some things , would like to add decals, and Lego logo on top the studs of the pieces, fix windshield, maybe a Lego figure in it, add it into a nice scene, would like to make it as real as possible looking i think. maybe animate , who knows. I know it will be a long project and will probably lead me to one of my major goals for the future of a Lego movie project. Still have alot to learn first.

Super awesome job Gral! Looks great and cannot wait to see the animated lego short :smiley: And yeah decals and logos would look great on it too

Nice, glad you finally got it worked out.

WoW! *trips over Alex’s on the floor jaw’
Really? put a face mask on man!

This looks epic already!