Lego Scene!

Doing Lego Black Spider-Man!

Any idea on how to put those Black lines onto his suit? I can’t seem to think of anything else lol.

That’s cool!

Thanks Nim!

CJ that is awesome! as for the black lines, you can either paint them with a texture or use an alpha image over it

Thanks Alex… Which do you think will work better though?

I would texture paint it

Rigging time?

Remodeling the legs. The previous ones gave me problem!

But rigging is still on!

Everybody!! Meet Emmet!

Modeled, busy rigging, texture paint, weight paint. Man this is a lot to handle lol.

But fun doing everything.

Can anyone let me know what the problem is on the Right foot rigging part?

It bends like 10 degrees forward, but doesn’t bend backwards.

Thank you I’m finished with Rigging? Lego dude gave me some huge problems you know? Ready to start Animating.

Anything else I can add to the Character guys?

A face with Grease pencil… :slight_smile: (doing the same tut)

Just one step behind… hair modelling.

Very cool CJ and Jeff! Now you guys need to make them fight! lol

Oh yes you right @jeffaffah, Eyes and Month.

Lol Alex, why’s everything fighting with you?
Thanks though!

I need help…Any reason why my head is scaling when I rotate it?

Probably a weight paint issue… the headbone is influenced by the torso (spine bone(s))…

Actually not @Jeffaffah. It looks like it’s something else. I just don’t know what it is?