Leapsheep animation WIP

Note : in French, leapfrog translates as “saute-mouton” (leapsheep)?
I decided yesterday to start working on a little animation loop for the contest… Here is today’s WIP.
I am still a Blender animation newbie, it is the very fist time I am using rigs… Not so easy !
The model, materials, landscape, etc are still very basic but I’ve got a few days left to do something better ! Stay tuned.

I think it is getting better, isn’t it ?
But I should rather use a seamless image texture on the ground to avoid discontinuity…
Still a WIP, needs some improvements, stay tuned ! :wink:

This is absolutely brilliant!!! haha love it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, a seamless grass texture would be better for this and if you use The length that camera moves as the scale of the texture(in the mapping node) it should look the same at the first and the last frame.

Thanks. I’ve tried this morning to make a pattern-repeating noisy procedural material using nodes, but not so easy. I’ll try again a little, if unsuccessful I’ll have to use a seamless texture image properly scaled.

I hope this helps, Blur is for blurring the edges.

This should work better, Has better blur and blurs only the edges.

Well, I have just submitted my final animation in the proper forum for the contest.
Finally I simply used a tiled image texture…
Admins, please let me know if another file format is preferred, I assumed an animated GIF was expected for the contest…

Hi everyone,
I have just worked a little on a stereoscopic-3D version of my leapsheep animation loop ! You know, as you can see in 3D TV sets or theaters, wearing 3D glasses… And it is in HD 1080p also.
Here it is on Youtube :

Can someone explain me why there seems to be some rendering artifacts on the shadowed part of fore-right leg of non-moving sheep ?
Thanks for any comment, especially if you’re interested in stereoscopy ! ?

After the incredible worldwide success in 3D theaters, don’t be surprised to see derived products. :wink:
I decided this afternoon to print in 3D a small ornamental bibelot for my office desk… Here is what it’s gonna look like.

This is great! The animation as well. I’d like to get a 3D printer to do things like this.