Launcher Pack

For decorating your SAM sites ?

That’s a lot of bang bang.

Dang man nice! I want to do a tower defense animation thing with these now :stuck_out_tongue:

And a lot of swoosh swoosh !

Thanks, definitely fit for helping in making your own TD games ?

Lowpoly Gunship model to end the year with a bang ! ?

The details were made by kitbashing parts from the pack.

WOW I love it! The front view looks so badass as well, that’s my favorite part.

Thanks! My fave too, along with the perspective view ?

It’s s warthog on steroids!!

Hubba Hubba HUBBA … look at the loaded rack on that badboy

Ready to turn the targets into fried mashed potatoes !

All tanks will go extinct ! ?

Added 6 new units ! ?

Very cool Po!

Turret envy I am