Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Hey guys, I´m working with a friend in this car. It has just basic material for now and some issues have to be fixed but any suggestion will be welcomed. I´m not sure about what environment use here.

Awesome! I would suggest a warehouse or showroom. That would give lots of freedom with lighting to really show off the model without sacrificing realism.

A showroom sounds more interesting or adequate for this design of the car. Thanks again Crispy.

DUDE! This is epic! I want one, take my money lol. Lamborghini is my favorite car. Didn’t even know about this one. Super sexy. Yeah for environment I would say a white warehouse maybe? Checkout mannykhoshbin on Instagram he has so many exotic cars in a nice white warehouse thing

Thank you bro. I will check it to get inspired Blush.