Lamborghini Aventador Camera Animation

This is beautiful! This is one of my favorite lamborghinis haha. I have it on my vision boards :stuck_out_tongue: Very nice man! Like the composition of it, the music and modeling! Very well done!

Thank you bro as always, very appreciated!

wow sick! I’m not even into cars and yet this is making want one of these, I guess that just goes to show the quality of the work. Like Alex said, everything about this is beautiful

Thank very much Alex, I really glad that you like it. Again, thank you.

Nice! How long did it take you to model?

WOW - very cool!

Thanks. Well, It’s a little tough question because I took a lot of breaks but I could say 2 weeks, working 3/4 hours per day. I can tell you that you can model it in a week, working on it 3/4 hours per day.

Thank you Pray