Lady Eowyn's Sword

Lady Eowyns sword from Lord of the Rings.

I gathered Reference images to model it in Blender.

Here are some beginning shots of the low poly model.

Very nice Twisted! Looks great so far :smiley:

Here is some update pics.

Some more updates.

A few of the UV work.

In Substance Painter for texturing

A few playing pics.

VERY nice sword there man! Loving the hilt and handle of it! Sick

I actually made Alpha Masks in Gimp and put them in layers on the sword brass and blade. It ads to the Normal map when you adjust the height map and ads the details so I didn’t have to model it in Bender, Plus its not on the Low Poly Sword in the game, but the details show up there.

The symbol on the bottom of the pommel is raised and all the rest are receded.