knife tool video 34. "dissolving vertices"


At 5:05 in the Knife Tool video tutorial where you dissolve some vertices. I am having a problem with this, as when I dissolve the vertices it also gets rid of the edge of the box because one of the vertices interacts with it.

Please see screenshots

Once this happened I have tried to fill between the vertices but, it makes it go out of proportion.


First , “Work in Progress” is not for asking for help it to show something you are working on and kind of show the progress, we have a help section in the forum for that , that bein said, I am pretty sure you dissolved the vertices , cause you don’t have edge select on and if you dissolve the vertices it will take that edge completely out.

Also this will probably get moved to the help section, just a heads up

instead of dissolving the vertex try moving it to the corner instead, just turn on Auto Merge, and vertex snap, that should do it.

Hi, thanks for the help. I have just found the “questions and support” forums page. (didn’t know there was 2 pages for the different forums).