King's Return

Finished entry for CGBoost Challenge : Moving Castle.

Made with Blender 2.83, rendered with Cycles 512 samples + denoising, post-processing with GIMP, using procedural textures only, HDRI lighting from HDRIhaven.

WIP thread: Castle Ship - Works in Progress - Discourse

Very nice final result. You always add so much more to a scene. If it was just the ship it would be just a ship. This is so much more.

ahh, i saw that on the website, was one of my favorite of the bunch!!

Thanks! I’m not a big fans of making environment actually, lol. Was thinking of using low angle shot (or side view) so can easily do with sky bg but then might be better to try something different/new or else I’d be always stuck in the same mindset. Still got some things to tweak, but yeah this is it for now, gotta move on.

Thanks, liking yours too! Good to have fellow Blendermaniacs on the contest ? Btw I think I haven’t seen abless’ entry yet though.