Katana, and new Swords

I have a forum line for the characters so I should have one for the swords, and weapon props so there isn’t 500 threads on one forum.

I am modeling a basic Katana, and I made a sheath for it.

Here is my Low Poly Necromancer Dagger, based from the Mogul Blade that the Witch King used in Lord of the Rings.

SO, Here is continued work on the Necromancer Dagger for the game.

The Difference between New and Old.

You did some nice texturing on these.

Yea, the texturing is not to hard in Substance Painter, and or 3D Coat. The problem that I am having is when I put them into Character Creator 3, they dont end up looking like the do here when I transfer the maps, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone on their forums, and or company that has any interest about taking 20 min to help me, or show me what works in their program, that I have spent around 1000 dollars on to use.

So I re-downloaded my Video editing software, and did some video editing with me and my brother shooting bows out in the back yard.

Was dinking around working on a woodsman outfit.

a few texture updates

I added an Axe.

awesome !

Nice sword Twisted!

Looks really nice, I like the outfit. I’d say you’re getting better at this!

Also the axe looks good!

Unreal just unveiled a sneak peak at Unreal5. The game is about to change completely.

I have started late on the Weekly Challenge. I have been looking at some Egyptian stuff, so I thought maybe I would work on a Pyramid.