K-9 Who

I blame tv for having a Doctor Who channel that plays episodes all day long from the original Doctor Who series. And low and behold my best friend growing up came on and I decided I gotta start modeling him. So here is the start of K-9. Still have his nose gun to model, then cut some more panel details. Then UV and texture painting him.

Well still no nose but he is closer to having a home. 


Well he has his nose now and is able to sniff other robodog butts so I guess, I can kind of take a break and work on my contest entry then come back and unwrap and cut panel pieces.

Additions to the Tardis and some to K-9

HA! Love it. Big Dr. Who fan here and I am officially favoriting this thread and can’t wait to see finished result. Looks great so far though man!

Thanks, guess I should watch more random tv channels for inspiration. :smiley:

Just did some uv work and made K-9 his own little doggie Tardis.

Awesomeness!!! I like the last postStuck Out Tongue Winking Eye

Really cool man! Well done!

Amazing! Very well applied.

This is Brilliant!!!

Update to the K-9 scene. Creating a set for the tardis and friends. Still more to be made for the scene but this is where it is so far.