Just found a great hard surface modeling course

No add-on used, just pure topology technique, unfortunately it’s a C4D course.

but I think the core technique is also applicable to Blender.


Not super expensive, however, if you are not proficient with Blender where you can translate the course to Blender , that’s a a lot of money to waste in my opinion.

As Foundry Modo’s promo video says, “Work smart, not harder”.

Any hard surface modeling that does not use something like Modo’s Mesh Fusion is, in my opinion, kind of a waste of time (or money).

My comment was for everyone looking at this, so they are not miss leaded into thinking it was for Blender. There are a lot of courses out there that could help, (I know of one for Maya) but Being a Blender driven community as well as a focus on users using Blender I wanted to clear that up because it could confuse someone.

That is one of the “golden rules” of the art field. Work smarter not Harder.
As I said easily can be confusing for people, The 2 videos are for two different programs, so not sure how those correlate to each other with the training course you were talking about, it looks to be a boolean driven 3D program or at least from the 2nd video you posted. The first is for a Cinema 4D course.

As a final comment I will say this, if anyone that is interested in that type of work flow and doesn’t wish to switch to another program, there are two plugins for Blender, Boxcutter and Meshmachine that has many more features then just a boolean cutter system that is like Modo but functions similarly, however there is a bit of a learning curve though, so if anyone likes that kind of work flow maybe check that out as well as a option for Blender.

Relax bro, my point is:

  1. Pure topology technique can be used in Blender(or any dcc software)

  2. Modo’s Mesh Fusion is boolean with sub-d solution (I believe it’s core algorithm is based on SDF volume something), not some kind of UI rearrangement addon.

  3. I’m not against Blender, on the contrary I wish there are SDF volume nodes so we can simulate the operations like Modo’s Mesh Fusion in GeoNodes, make hard surface modeling easier(smarter not harder)

We can learn many topology technics from other software. I wouldnt buy a tutorial that was for another package. I always watch other youtube videos in another software if i think the topic is interesting. The content of that course does appear interesting.

Ironically I googled the meshfusion and first thing that appears is free addon Blender meshfusion

I enjoy watching the the C4D vs Blender challenges. Always interesting to see how other artists create something that isnt Blender.

At the end of the day we all learning and wanting to creat cools things. Model on I say!

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