A mechanic/robotic jellyfish, that is, more details to be added and tweaked later. To do list :

  • Background/environment elements (thinking of giant kelp, some smaller fishes/jellyfishes - also mechanical, or submerged structures)
  • More prominent underwater effects
  • Something to show scale (maybe divers or submarine)

Gave it miniskirt and long arms so it will dance gracefully … and deadly. The initial concept was a somewhat serene environment, but then had the idea of throwing in an aircraft carrier model I made a few years ago, and now it turns into an apocalpytic one instead. Noice. The carrier model was a clean looking one though, edited it as a slightly beaten up version for this. Thinking of naming the jellyfish entity with Stygiomedusa mechanica, inspired by Stygiomedusa gigantea.

Also added some of its smaller offspring swimming around, and one chomping on the structure on the foreground. I’m thinking of a backstory that the glowing orb inside/at the center is an amorphous organic entity that build mechanical/robotic shell around itself using (as well as feed on) processed materials from metallic parts like ships and offshore structures, so you might want to regularly check your naval fleet or oil rigs for sign of infestation … and yes, it can ‘grow’ until it’s almost as big as Godzilla or Kong. The glowing orbs with branching roots on the bottom right on the carrier deck are the ‘polyp’/early stage of the orb (I forgot to soften the shapes of the curves/branches though).

Next tasks :

  • add blue-ish substance on the broken parts on truss/framing structures on the foreground to show it’s been munched on, maybe also add one or two more little offspring on it

  • put more ship wrecks or damaged structures on the background, also play more with the lighting on that part since it’s mostly too dark now / too blended with the bg, maybe add glowing thingy either to contrast it or also as light source, and/or making the bg a bit brighter since this will be in a not too deep environment

  • thinking of adding a faint glowing parts with different colors (preferably red/orange/yellow) in the far background to show the presence of another creature/entity, maybe its enemy/predator, gotta see how this play out first though

  • play more with defocus, and more underwater effects (will may add some of it in postpro)

Forgot to update this, lol, but here’s the final version. Thanks for all the feedbacks !

Oh yeah much better and visible! Looks awesome man!

Very much a big muma version of The Matrix Sentinels - looks amazing