Interior - house :)

Hello everyone, these are my last render from my practice in Blender :slight_smile: .

Comments and critiques are welcomed.

And the rest of them

DUDE!!!..These are amazing! Well done man. How long did all these take you to do? I especially like number 1 and six! Like I said, when can I move in? lol. As far as constructive criticism, here is my personal OPINION: on image 1 I love it, the only thing that kind of feels off is the wood texture of the wine bottle holder. Idk just me. Either feels too big or maybe having a different texture? Other than that, well done!

On the third image I could suggest for the lamps, depending on what kind of lamps they are, to add an actual bulb and make the panel see through so that you can see through the lamp a bit and it gives it more depth/realism and you can see the outline of the bulb.

Then for example on the last one, It looks epic, love it. One thing I can think of to add that extra depth, realism, is to have volumetric lighting :slight_smile: even if it’s very subtle. Also something else that adds a LOT of realism, even if subtle as well, is depth of field. IDK if you already have some? But if you look around your room with your eyes, you’ll notice that pretty much all the time you have depth of field as you are usually looking at one thing at a time and everything else has a slight blur.

Besides those suggestions…again, DUDE! These are amazing and absolutely love them. You definitely have some skill and can’t wait to see what it’s like a few months from now. For the next one I’d love to see the work in progress of it from inception to final render haha :smiley: that would be sweet! Well done brother!

Thank you very much for your compliments and critics :).
I really appreciate it.

On the wine bottle holder i forgot to scale the UV maps. I figured it later when I already finish the render, but that is not a big problem.

Yes, i also think that I need to put a bulb to give a more realism.

This is my first big project of visualization of interior. The modeling is not so big of a deal but lighting and giving the realsim to scenes is a thing that i need to practice more and more and more.

I am proud of this work but I will practice more,afokrs, and I will most definitely upload here :).

Thx youuu :slight_smile:

And I forgot to say that I finished this in a month. I can do it faster but I am wokimg and studying also so I am not so free with my time. I think that if I had more free timeI can finish this in a 2 week or less.

Well my friend you are definitely doing an awesome job on getting it to look photorealistic! Keep going man! Realism scenes can be one of the trickiest and funnest things in 3D. A month is pretty good especially if you’re working. Can’t wait to see future works!