Inktober 2020

Decided to take part in Inktober this year (, after last year I only picked some themes and did it weekly. Basically it’s a daily drawing challenge with set theme (there’s a weekly version too now), originaly started with traditional ink but now can also apply to digital ones and even any other medium.

These are the compilation for the first week, done entirely with Inkscape (vector), done in around 4~5 hours for each drawing. Feels like daily HoP, though with more hours, lol. A good daily rush, great to see how far I can made in a single work in a day (and how many mistakes…).

Updates can also be followed on my 2nd IG account: Alam | vector art (@sporubyk) • Instagram photos and videos

Very nice Po! Love your drawings and its cool you are partaking in this challenge. Hope you win :smiley: let us know if you need our votes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Ah, it’s not a contest actually, just daily practice, so the ‘prize’ is experience ?

Second week of Inktober, halfway yey! Doing some chibis (#10-12), also trying silhouette work with lineless style (#13), while #14 is the longest to make so far. Made with Inkscape.

Chibis unite! haha very nice Po. Love it so far

Third week done, onto the last one, yey.

Last week entries and finally done with Inktober, yey! 31 days of rushed cr*ppy drawings, now to take a 10 yrs break… lol.