Images from Past Projects Predominantly Game Related

Have discussed with several members how I got interested in modeling. I used to try and make levels for games, mainly the Call Of Duty series starting with COD1.

While trying to find some reference images for the latest Weekly Challenge I came across some old images of past projects. So I though I would share.

Many I would still like to attempt to create in Blender as I enjoy making real life locations.

All projects that I started but just never quite got around to finishing. Closest I ever got is the MP_FLOOD. Reason I gave up was I just couldn't get the portaling to work properly. Otherwise I could have released it.

Games depicted I used for mapping: COD1, 2, 4, Left 4 Dead, Quake4.

The images with soldiers, I was attempting to recreate single player mission based on the episode from Band Of Brothers: Crossroads Battle.

I think the final image is my first ever attempt at a 3D house in COD1 back in 2005)

Have some fond memory's from these projects even if I never completed them.

Dude very cool! Always fun to see some old works that we do haha. I would say definitely go back to some of these and try to finish :slight_smile: you may be surprised by how easy it is