Image Texture just Partially on Mesh

but the Blender included Textures Work, i rebuild my Logo in Blender via Draw it vertice by vertice after, needed some Bezier curves and so on, later i killed all empty and doubled verticis and take care that the normals are all shown in one Direction, the Still result is ok, but if i try to use the Bevelmod it don`t really work. My Main Problem is if i try to get an external Image as Shader the image is just shown on a few meshes (in this case it is just on Single Mesh, i added the Single ones per ctrl-J) if i use checkboard or other internal images it works fine? What can cause thats issues?

Thank you very much

So the issue is that the texture isn’t showing up on the mesh properly? Have you gone into edit mode and unwrapped your mesh? Go into edit mode –> U and unwrap to unwrap it. Then maybe if needed changing the coordinates to UV in the material tab. Let me know if that helps any