I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Very nice Ed!

Made an update to the globe.

Much better! I think a background to contrast it a bit more and will look awesome! Great job man

Let it snow Let it snow.!!!

I think, you started a difficult project.
I’ve done this project also and the glass / water material gave me a lot of problems. Reflections between layers is difficult to master. For me, it was a huge learning process (https://vimeo.com/327134903).
Keep up the work! It is a nice project to do.

It’s coming along great Ed! Loving every improvement. and that’s pretty sweet @maniapete! haha like Thors hammer in there

Happy Holidays Blendermania style.

Wow you got a whole scene for this! Nice! I’d love to see an angle maybe where the Globe is in focus and the tree and stuff in background. May look cool :slight_smile:

I’m guessing something like that?

Much better Ed! And if you want the fireplace and tree to be seen even more you can put the globe on a shelf but I like this angle too!