I'm A Real Boy ("Wooden" Weekly Challenge)

I swear I’m not making this creepy on purpose :stuck_out_tongue: Imma try and make him a cute face :stuck_out_tongue:

I also couldn’t find any good references for a wooden puppet or a pinocchio-like character so I’m going of memory and imagination here, which is never good and probably why it’s currently looking like something a serial killer would draw xD

So, the topology is god-awful, but it’s an interesting workflow. I decided to give myself an extra challenge and not use sculpting as a base which I’m very comfortable with.
I slightly cheated by using sculpting to quickly correct some volumes and smooth some vertices out, but this is my first attempt at making a character/creature that isn’t sculpt-based.

If you write the “character name” character sheet in google, you can find images with various views to model much more easily (a tip from my blender italia group Wink) I hope I have been of help to you, as you did with me yesterday

Thanks Francesca! :smiley: I’ll make a note of that, very helpful tip! That 3D head is looking way creepier than mine I gotta say :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha it does remind me of Jigsaw a bit! But very cool. Can’t wait to see it finished

This gives me an idea…

Oooh okay now I’m intrigued… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should talk to a therapist, find out why I gotta make everything creepy lol xD


Let’s see if I can finish this in time…

Coming along.

It is Crisp, I’ve almost completed the model (except its fingers) and made a simple rig for it, which wasn’t necessary but thought why not go the extra mile with it.
All that’s left now is posing, texturing and getting the scene to work as it does in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why this is the hill I chose to die on but I’ll roll with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I wanted to see how far I can push myself out of my comfort zone, going with traditional modelling instead of sculpting, making all the parts properly connected and rigging…
Just to see how much stuff I can do within a week, at this point it doesn’t even matter if I get to submit it or not, I’m just happy I made it this far! :smiley:

I’d say you can still continue this, even if only a bit and might not be too complex like what you wanted, for example made it as abandoned toy in a dark corner, you can use simple rig or just position each object manually (no need fancy poses), slap on wood texture, some area lighting and you’re done, tada!

Anyway, it’s your decision, it’s already a nice job and hope you can complete it later on.Slight Smile

This is really cool so far Alex! And yeah doesn’t matter how far you go, that’s the point of Weekly challenges, to push yourself. As long as you pushed yourself and are happy, that’s what counts! I like it though :slight_smile: