idea for a contest

we should have contests for the professionals.

everyone does a short tutorial on creating something that there can’t be a tutorial easily found on or a good quality tutorial. The best tutorial wins.

this way, if there is something we can do in blender, we can’t find info on, there will always be extra sources of info.

That is an interesting idea Ram! Will definitely look into how we can incorporate and create this. Could be beneficial for everyone :slight_smile:

thanks alex. looking forward to seeing more from you as well :slight_smile:

I’ts a nice idea, could be interesting. But I think the site needs to grow a little bit more before doing something like this (just my opinion).

Absolutely also agree with Francisco that the site needs to grow a bit. However that doesn’t have to take a long time. It can grow in leaps and bounds pretty fast! Which it will :slight_smile: This is a great community already and will become one of the prominent Blender places in a short amount of time!

how about some sort of “bring your friends in and grow the blender community” type competition or promotion? and new members can join the competition too and invite their friends…

blender is fun. more people just need to know about it.

A promotion type contest to get more people on here would probably be best at first! Grow the community :slight_smile: There is actually a referral link in everyone’s profile where you can get points for referring people :slight_smile: