I try to create blendermania cartoon!

Sweat Smile

alex but what color do you have eyes?.

The only thing I’ve done these days, a few minutes a day. the face and the basic body are not completely made by me, but unloaded, because I was very nervous and I did not want to get nervous even more

wow this is amazing Fran! Super excited for this!!! :smiley: My eyes are a DEEP Blue, Green…lol kidding they are brown :stuck_out_tongue:


loool this is awesome Francesca! :smiley:

guys, it’s my first time, i tried to move the legs. ???coooooooool.

attention, in the video there is audio.


Hey those aren’t your legs!.. Those are my legs! lol! So cool Fran. Love the animation and rig. The music is great too

yes I was wrong to write, I corrected it, you didn’t give me time !!!

Lol nice. Keep those legs pumping!

guys i have problems with the face.I don’t understand the precise points to make the eyebrows, eyelid, lip perfectly move.

When applying set parent to: with automatic weights, can’t i make more changes afterwards?

perhaps it is too difficult to explain in words

Amazing Fran! For the face, it seems you are trying to use bones directly to control the facial expression which will cause lots of issues as you saw :slight_smile: What you want to do is actually create Shape Keys for the facial movements. Then you can assing those shapekeys to bones and move them with bones :slight_smile: I don’t know if you have my 2.8 A-Z course? But I show you how to create Shapekeys there

yes i have your course, ok i will try to understand by looking

Good afternoon, then guys, I’m studying but I still have to understand a lot of things, first of all be careful and apply before setting the rigging, the subdivision modifier because because it could cause an error “Bone heat weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones” and and also remember to delete the double vertices. Always for the face I must try to apply the shape keys too, even now I have problems with clothes! Persevere it seems an infinite and impossible job


Looks great Fran! As far as clothes…for me personally since his clothes are so conformed to his body, I would not even make additional mesh or geometry for his clothes but actually make his clothes his body. So that the clothes IS the body mesh. Again because it seems the conform so much to his body, I don’t think there is a need to have additional clothes mesh ontop of him. May be a lot easier to rig too

ok guys, more progress, solved the problem of clothes thanks to alex. I wanted to make the body and clothes on top, that is, I wanted to make things more difficult! the study goes on, sorry for the song, it’s not my thing. but I discovered something cool. I put the link, listen to it strictly with headphones!


haha this is amazing! Great job Fran! Can’t wait to see it finished :slight_smile: