I suck at sculpting

It’s just like teacher Alex said Modelling is mathematical and Sculpting is artistic. But I suck at art(I don’t even know how to hold a pencil let alone do a proper stroke) So I’ll be taking a leave of absence for an indefinite amount of time to cover up where I’m lacking.

I’m like a fish in water when it comes to modeling.


not that bad, It’s beautiful.
keep going, sure u will be pro at it soon!!


Looks very cool Orom! And don’t worry, even if you are not that artistic, you can still get the hang of sculpting. For example with a pencil I can’t really draw much but I am able to sculpt quite well. Like anything it takes practice and if you keep at it, there is no doubt you will get it. What I suggest is setting out a 30 day sculpt challenge. Every day you just sculpt something and give yourself some time (Say 1 or 2 hours) and by the end of that time not matter what, you post it on WIP forum here (no matter how it looks). Do that every day and by day 30 you will without a doubt be quite good at sculpting


I think It looks good. Very interesting and I cant see anything wrong with it. I thought that’s how It’s meant to be?

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Looks like a super duper T-pose to me!!! The core pose for all good superheroes or high divers before they jump off a cliff.

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