I need help

I need HELP! I keep rigging my eyes to my mesh and after it is complete, it keeps “egging my UV sphere, It does the same with my Eyelids

Hey TnT! Happy to help! Can you post some screenshots please? Or upload your .blend to dropbox and put the link here? Thanks!


hmmmmmmmm very strange and annoying. It has to do with the values not being applied on the mesh and the armature. When you hit CTRL+A on the mesh and apply the location, rotation and scale and do the same on the armature. When those aren’t applied you can have issues. I fixed it but for some reason I’m having some issues replicating it lol. Will continue looking and maybe you want to try too because when I applied those in a certain order, the eye worked fine and didn’t distort

I didn’t try applying the rot & scale to armature, I will give that a try