I ain't afraid of no ghost, Making Ecto-1

To start I want to say this will be a very long project, This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, didn’t think I had the skill before , but now I think its time to try. It will be delayed because I am going to learn everything I can of modeling cars from the ground up. Make a fewe cars before this one, I have collected at least 500 images to sort through for it. Reason for all this, I am not just doing the body , I am going to model the outside, inside and stock it with all the gadgets I can, I am going to go slow and try to do it right. But as some of you know , I am all about the details and quality and I want to do this justice. I have no idea how long this will take, but I figured if I make a WIP, it will hopefully drive me to want to make updates and push myself. I may even work it in stages ,unsure yet. But this is my target and I am going to go for it and with the movie dropped drives me more to do it , a tribute we will say. It is time to level my skill up to the next level.
Target: Ecto-1


So the first vehicle I decided I would make is a fairly more simple model, I started a course that is modeling a jeep , but its … too simple for me and somewhat boring, so I am going to make a different jeep something somewhat still simple but a little more interesting and that is in same ways more complicated, this is because I feel, if I push myself I will learn faster, and I can more even better stuff sooner. SO I am choosing to make this 1951 Willys M38 Military Jeep instead, similar in looks, but the details matter, and this will be a very detailed model. I am not sure if I am going document my entire process like some of my previous works. We will see.


After some research , found out the jeep in the course I believe is the jeep from Private Ryan, I am making a different one that was used a lot in the military for different things I have the grill completed, started the hood, and there are details I want to add , like the hinge for the hood and there is a panel line I think I will just call it, I don’t think any of this is in the course , but I don’t see any reason to do it half-assed, so might as well do it right.
As a side note , non of these details are in the course. It’s just me bein me lol

Gotta work on the hinge tomorrow, that’s it for tonight

I ahve always thought this weeooo weeooo is a classic to be made. I am going to ghost you and follow every vertice movement. Cause i aint afraid of Grals belendering!

Why did my screen not see the jeeps! So i replied to a 20day post.

lol , yes was confused for a second there , then realised it started as a goal to make ecto-1 lol

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Good, as a stickler for detail make it drivable; animatable.

I feel a Ace Ventura driving animation coming on…

THe viewport in BLender doesn’t like what I am doing , a bunch of artifacting, so I just rendered it instead, so far progress in going pretty good, I added the braces to the fenders as a little of my own touch of detail

And yes there are gaps on purpose, these things were not built to be seamless and a lot of accuracy(it’s 1951), there are gaps everywhere, honestly I see nothing safe about the old jeeps, its just a bunch of sheet metal on wheels with a engine


Everything was going good on the jeep , until I made a terrible decision today, when I decided to go off course and change things it made things a little more complicated in topology, and I was working on a foot step type thing and wanted to duplicate it to other side, Well my mirror modifier was applied and I wanted to add it to the body as it is part of it, not a separate object. So the mistake was made to symmetrize part of the body, and not the whole thing. Well that caused faces to go missing and I already made the cut in for the tools, so I really couldn’t think of a better way to duplicate the topology, so I spent a couple hours repairing the topology of the model, got the topology all cleaned up and I think its ready for some wheels now.


That is sweet!

I veered off course a little and decided to make the tail gate for the jeep, I have a little small touches to do on it still , but that can wait for now.


Looking forward too seeing this! Looking great so far.

Finally got some wheels made, messed up the tires quite a bit, spent hours fixing it, but its done

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Very nice man! Looks great!