How to Report/Block Spammers

Hey Blendermaniacs!

As you know, recently we have had some spammers on the site. First of all, my apologies. We have taken it very seriously and have upgraded the security measures to keep all you safe. I have now made it so that you have some power in your hands as well. If you go to a members profile, hover over the “add friend” or “message” button, you know have the ability to block or report them as shown by the picture below.

  • Blocking them will make it so they can no longer communicate with you
  • Reporting them will notify me of the report and I can then take further action to remove them
You can also report these spammers to the moderators who have the power to suspend people from the site.

Thanks again for your patience!

Keep on Blending!

-Alex Cordebard