How to: Game-Engine optimized Spell Effects?

Hey BlenderManiacs! Hope I’m posting this into the right forum, if not let me know.

Question for you, does anyone know how to make some game-engine optimized Spell effects, or maybe has a tutorial to share? I’m not entirely sure what the best route would be, should I just make some meshes in blender and have the game engine handle the particles and fx? Should I make it all in blender (I’d prefer that).
If anyone can shed some light I’d be in your debt!
Looking to create mostly some projectile Spell effects and some Area of effect type spells.

about the effects, you can do that in the game engine itself, you don’t need to create effects in the blender and then imported in-game engines. unity, unreal, Godot has some powerful effects.

Thanks for your reply Schinsc, I’m aware of that but the “problem” is that I’m not familiar with game engines, I’m working with a friend and since he is not very “artistic” but knows programming I thought I’d get some load of off him and work on the visuals mostly myself.

Now that’s not a really big issue because I assume it won’t be very hard for me to get a a basic understanding of Unity to create some spell effects myself there, it’s just that I’d rather not at this time + I was wondering if the new mantaflow and simulations could be used for something like that and I’d like to try my hand at VFX in blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah I guess worst case scenario I’ll just look for a tutorial on how to do all that in engine :slight_smile:

Hey Alex! I would suggest using alpha images and maps to create the spells and just having those on one plane. Here is a game I made in Blender when I was a weeee little boy, It uses spells and such with images slapped onto planes. Animated alpha maps, If you fast forward you can see the flame thrower and also the auras around the character. Can be a way.

Thanks Alex, seems to go along with some other examples I’ve seen online as I’m researching this further. Will definitely give this a go, it’s simple enough :slight_smile: