How to Export FBX with Texture

I sent a file to blender from the character creator program. I opened this file in Blender and made changes to it. Now I want to save this blender file with its materials as 3d viewer can open it (the format isnt important) but when I save the materials arent visible. I’m very new to blender, can you explain in detail

So, if I understood, you created a character in another program, then imported it into Blender, right ? You did some changes, but when you’re doing a render, the textures doesn’t appear. Did the textures appeared before you did the changes ? And did you check if your character had a material ? Try to do a screen of your shader editor

I am looking into the matter to see if I can help, will respond when I can

On the right of the export FBX window you will see path mode, set it to copy, there is a button with a box looking icon to the right of it, if you hover mouse over it, it says embed textures, click that icon. It will light up and change like my screenshot. then choose if you want limits, and hit export