House Designing

Struggling to put color onto it.

Hey CJ! It’s because you are in solid viewport shading. Go to the top right and select the 4th ball “Evee rendered view”

When I select it, it gives me pitch black.

There are a couple of things that you can do here.

If you’re just beginning, the easiest thing might be to add lights to your scene. One or more Point Lights might help.

You can add point lights using <Shift-A>, then grab them and move them around in your scene by selecting them and pressing G. You can change the intensity or power of the light by selecting the little light bulb icon at the right of your screen and typing another number in the input field marked Power.

As Mark said, make sure you have lights in your scene. Also make sure that the material is added to the proper object. If you want post a screenshot of the object selected with the material slot completely visible with evee rendered mode on so I can see

Be sure output node is connected also.