Himiko toga from bnha

Oh man…someone beat me to be the first to post in this forum.

Oh well, cool drawing! ??

wow this is awesome! Well done :slight_smile: and congrats on being first post in this forum haha


Junko enoshima from dangonronpa

Very nice! I like your style and I like the hair pieces of good and evil haha

Thank you

Very cute… Cute in the disturbing way anime usually is :stuck_out_tongue: Well done

Just for the Metal Horns alone this gets my sign of approval lol Metal

lol youre right thank you

Raven from teen titans

Nice work! Used to watch this as a kid haha

This looks really good ! she was my favourite along with Starfire from the show lol !

Lol same

This is my new oc her name is strawberry