Help me Congratulate New Moderator - Gralous

Hey Blendermaniacs!

Some exciting news to announce. With this community growing, there will be a select few Blendermania Elites (moderators) to help run the site. I am pleased to announce to you our very first moderator, the one and only @gralous!

Gralous has been with us since the near beginning and has really stepped up as a leader. If you need any guidance regarding the site or suggestions for improving the site, please tell myself or one of the moderators.

I know we’ve had some spammer attacks and now Gralous has the ability to suspend them and remove them from the site.

PLEASE HELP ME WELCOME AND CONGRATULATE @gralous for his new position and for stepping up to help and serve all of us. Thank you my friend!

Let’s make this a rock solid community!

-Keep on Blending!

Alex Cordebard