Help! I'm building a street!!

Hi My issue is while doing the Array lesson I can’t select just the fence post no matter what I do the house is selected too (even when it’s hidden). Also there’s no sign of any separate objects other than the original basic cube in my Outliner. If anybody wants a whole street with one fence post each let me know ?

Yes I see the issue :slight_smile: The fence is the same mesh as the house. You need to separate it. To do that, select one of the faces of the fence and hit the L key to select the linked faces which will select the whole fence. Then hit P in edit mode and select separate by selection. This will make the fence a different part. Then go to object mode by hitting tab and select the fence piece which should be a different object. Then hit the right mouse button in object mode and select set origin –> origin to geometry to set the origin of the fence to the center and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Thank you that fixed it! Now I can get back to work!