Hand painting

Making an attempt at hand painting the trees, which looks better than the original trees. This is actually the second attempt at trying to do the trees. The first attempt was more of a solid color around the trees. I think the version here has a more natural look and feel to it.

An update on the Narnia project. I’ve finished the texturing on the trees, redid the modeling on the faun, though I’m not really happy with the hands, and I’ve adjusted the size of the characters in relation to each other. I’ve actually started redoing the girl, too, making her with a little older girl proportions, though that’s not in this pic, since I haven’t gotten that far on that one yet. I’m also considering adding snow piles on the lamp post and possibly some work on the ground too. And I’ll be working eventually on the texturing for the characters as well.


wow nice! I like the changes. Can’t wait to see the characters rigged and posed and this will really come to life!