Gundam WIP

I’ve been working on this model for some time now, and left it in a hiatus. Kind of hit a wall with the modelling of the head, can’t seem to figure it out, i’ve done and deleted around a houndred heads LOL… Any suggestions are welcome, I really want to finish this project and i’ve invested a lot of time in it.


That is pretty sick I gotta say! Definitely finish it man. What is the exact issue that you encounter when modeling the head? I would say first block it off to get a general outline of it and then add in details and keep tweaking it till you get what you want. I mean it’s hard to say without knowing exactly what it is about the head haha. But seeing you did all this already, I think you can do it!

Haha you’re right, i forgot to put a picture of the reference. I’m struggling mostly with combining the rounded pieces and the more sharp ones while keeping the proportions, don’t know if i’m explaining myself. I have to take some time and put myself into it, but it can be very frustrating to have everything nearly done and be stuck like this

Well seeing as it’s a robot like figure, have you tried to model the pieces separately? Because even in real life, a robot or android is usually composed of multiple pieces, plates, and parts that are wielded or stuck together. Very rarely is the whole piece just one metal piece. I think that would already help a ton, to have each separate section separate and not all the same mesh. Does that help any or have you already done that?

That's actually pretty helpfull.. I've been treating the head as a single piece, made of several pieces but still a single piece and tring to make everything fit while modeling, I'll change the approach and try to model separate pieces and then adjust them afterwards to compose the full head. I feel silly because is something logical to think, but sometimes frustration blocks logical thinking haha... Thanks man. I'll update this if I finally manage to do it.

haha yeah sometimes our focus is so narrowed that we forget to step back and use logical thinking but no worries. I’ve been there! lol :smiley: Glad I could help you out man! I look forward to seeing the finished head updated here! haha

Ok I’ll settle with this… not 100% happy but it’l do. Thanks Alex for your advice. Now I can continue the project!


Dude that looks awesome! Well done! Glad I could be of help :slight_smile: