Greg's 2050 Project

First wheel completed. Anyone guess where this project is going?

haha I can feel a car in the works!? Sick :smiley: can’t wait to see the finished result

Not exactly a car… Rover body’s done. Time now to greeble the heck out of it. :smiley:

Haha even better. It’s coming along nicely!

The Rover’s greebled, and the desert is built. Just have to create some detailed UV maps in Photoshop to help sell the illusion. I learnt how to turn small groups of objects into multitudes using the Hair particle system and groups. And learned how to create unique lens flares.

Amazing finished result man!

It is interesting to read your blog post and I am going to share it with my friends. Because i know you will create some latest feature in your 2050 project. I hope you will hard work for your this project and you successfully will for this project. I pray for your project success.