Grave Orbit

Graveyard Challenge on CGBoost, going with a graveyard in space.

Blender 2.8, Cycles 256 samples + denoising, ship plating with procedural texture, text and symbol with Inkscape, post-processing done in GIMP. Stars background and nebula rendered separately (using procedural textures, no volumetrics).

Debris field turntable: Debris Field - YouTube


Amazing job!! I’m super impressed…again.

Thanks Ed!

Thanks Crispy!

This is really awesome Po! I am featuring this right now on the FB group and IG. Nice work my friend. And I see you took my advice and moved that piece in the bottom, upper, left, right hand northwest corner somewhere else :P Joy

Many thanks man! Yeah, I just tossed those lowermost-rear-northwest-upper-right-front parts to the bin, lol…


Thanks! Grin

Dude! Wow!
Amazing stuff man it looks great! I find myself thinking what happened there and wanting to learn more about this scene, that’s how good it is!!!

Thanks! I actually wanted to add something in the distance but then thought to just let the viewers imagine the story themselves. :slight_smile:

Yeah totally reminds me of the eerie feeling when you see a ghost boat out in the middle of the ocean adrift. 

I just remember having idea of putting some light on the windows on one of the wrecked ship, but then forgot… lol