Gettting back to object/action configuration

Right when you create a new object or do certain actions, there’s a box in the lower left that allows you to make various adjustments to the object/action. Is there any way to get back to those adjustments later?  So, if I make a circle with 32 segments, and then later realize that I actually only wanted 16 segments, is there any way to click the circle and make that adjustment? Or, if I am doing a spin, and change my mind about how many segments or how many degrees it should be rotating, is there a way to go back and adjust that later?

So far, I’ve been having to just delete the object and create it again, but that’s a bit annoying, and it seems like some of these settings should be accessible someplace!


Press F9, but once you edit the mesh, It’s not available.

It’s annoying in the beginning of the Blender learning process. But it is really not planning a head.  6, 12, 16, 32  segments, it’s really up to you why you need so many details. So plan ahead.

As Pete had said, once you go into edit mode, or move it, select other objects, etc. then the edit box is gone forever. Such is the way of Blender, sadly.

Some alternatives if you want to decrease the divisions without recreating the object :

  1. Dissolving excess edges : selecting loops or some of the edges you want to get rid of, press ‘X’, select ‘Dissolve Edges’, this might be tedious depending on the mesh division.

  2. Using Decimate modifier : on the modifier setting try to choose ‘Un-subdivide’ and play with the iteration number, note although this is easier than manually dissolving edges, this might not be always perfect for all situations. There’s also ‘un-subdivide’ command available during editing mode when you press Ctrl+E (though it’s more flexible using decimate modifier).

All in all, it’s a good idea to have a relatively low number of division at first. When you need more smoothing, let the subsurf modifier do the work and keep it on as it’s more flexible that way.