Getting a realistic armature/skeleton NEED Tutorial

Here is my progress on building this guy’s skeleton. I guess I need shape keys.

You can see the crazy deformations I am getting. Weight painting alone don’t help.

The image of him with color is from DAZ where the model originally comes from and you can see how it poses without the distortion I get in Blender. I have to build the skeleton in Blender because the mesh doesn’t export over with one.

That is awesome! Will look into making a tutorial. Have you tried removing the doubles and flipping the normals of the mesh before parenting it to the armature?

I did the Unmark Sharp thing like I was taught here in my blue dragon thread even though I did not see any blue lines on my demon guy. I am working with the demon guy now not this model in the pictures but it is the same model just in a different file so I expect it will deform the same once the armature is applied.

I want to build a face rig first before applying the body and any shape keys. Now I need to learn how to do that for a somewhat realistic face movement.

I don’t know how to see if there are extra faces or vertices or whatever. “Remove Doubles” doesn’t seem to be a part of Blender 2.8 I am still using 2.8 because I don’t like some features in 2.81 and I don’t like all the crap in 2.82

Blender seems to be more for game makers than artists and I don’t know that I need all that new stuff. Especially now that I got 2.8 to work with my Daz models and I don’t want to have to start over trying to work out bugs in 2.82 just for some extra new tools I may or may not use.

To remove doubles select all vertices, right click, merge>by distance.

As crispy said, you can remove doubles like that. See if that helps because I know if you have doubles, the mesh and armature don’t play nicely together