Gears Of War Chainsaw Lancer

I stumbled in to some bayonet talk in the chat and figured what the hay. So I thought of modeling the infamous chainsaw lancer from the game Gears Of War for the XBox.

Started on it about an hour ago. Still have a ton of modeling to do but for the most part right now this is still just the boxing out the main shape before adding in detailed geometry and proper materials/texture masking for wear and grunge.

Yes I know this is 2.79b and not 2.8 and that is due to I still don’t like the background image workflow in 2.8. Once it gets towards completion I will then move it into 2.8 for the uv unwrapping and texturing phase and final rendering.

Forgot to turn the under stock object on in the previous post.

After a bit of free time I did some more modeling and tweaking. Tightened up the curve on the chain to keep the teeth from protruding through the under stock. Still more and more to do, but having fun as always with it.

2.7!?!?! haha just kidding. The end result is great so good job! I guess the public chat can use as inspiration haha. Do you texture in Blender or?

Yes I texture paint/mask in blender as I can’t afford to purchase such texture painting software like substance or 3d coat to just paint where I want a type of texture to be. And if 2.8 handled reference images like 2.7x did then I would definitely be using 2.8 I don’t like that the image stays floating in 3d space in 2.8.