Fuse Box

Another asset for my shed project. Upside Down

Dang swanny this is awesome! Love the spiderwebs :slight_smile: and all the detail. One thing I can think of is maybe some dust alpha maps to make it look a bit more dusty? Like put a bit of those around and since it’s alpha maps on a plane won’t take too much geometry. Otherwise nice work!

Thanks Alex - I’ll look into adding some dust, etc - i also forgot to add a small roll of wire for the fuses. Cheers

fantastic !

One thing that you can add is a bit of gloss. Right now everything is rough like a rock especially the background . Use some textures or procedural nodes to add gloss to some parts of the mesh. This will still make it look old but a bit realistic.

Secondly, you should add a dust material on the switches and switch board using the ambient occlusion node to add dust to areas where it gets collected overtime. Because now the switches and switch board seam new considering the scene’s mood.

Other than that its good to go for a scene !

Cheers ritikkumarms - i’ll hav a look