From tutorials to autonomy

Hey guys,

I am new to 3D modelling. Currently going through tutorials and enjoying the process.
However, I was wondering how to make the next step of creating original content on my own?

Where should I focus my learning in terms of going down that path?

Any tips are welcomed!

Thank you!

Hey Vakis! Welcome to the Blendermania family my friend :slight_smile: I would say a good next step is doing the contests and challenges here on the site (you can find them on the right side of the wall) as these would help you to create your own things with a theme or an idea in mind. People love the challenges or contests as it helps them use the skills theyve learned and put it into a project. So I would say you can start with there :slight_smile:

Who can say? You don’t specify what you wanna do in 3D so who can say what should you focus your learning to?

But as a general advice dive deeper into the subjects that interest you.
If you want to make characters learn anatomy from books like Anatomy for Sculptors and professional courses/mentorships (these courses/mentorships are quite expensive but will pay off if you get a job as a character artist in the industry)
if you want to do environments or renders learn about composition, lighting, photography, color theory etc.

What most beginners often disregard is that your learning involves more subjects than 3D, the software and the tools. It requires a lot of other side knowledge as well.

Another tip which I wish I knew earlier: Fail fast, fail often. Which is to say experiment, try out different things and fail fast and often at them. If you do it consciously enough, your brain will automatically be problem solving constantly and each time you attempt something you will be slightly better at it. Don’t wait to become perfect in your knowledge before you attempt something, become perfect at it by attempting it and failing at it.

Have fun, and don’t pay attention to the frustration that may sometimes arise, it’s part of learning, it requires a lot of energy and effort for the brain to make connections between neurons and that’s painful. Remember it’s part of the process and flow with it.

Thank you guys for responding!

Great tips from both of you. I think, being new to the field, I did not realise the peripheral knowledge one could need while 3D modelling. I will definitely try and build on that.

Fail fast, fail hard is also a great tip and pairs up well with trying to do the challenges here :slight_smile:

Hey Vakis! Feel free to use the public chat if you have any other questions.