Freedom WIP

Welp… Here we go again :stuck_out_tongue: I swear this is the last contest I’m doing for a while (with the exception of the Hourly Challenge of course)

Hey! Who said you can use my arm as reference? :stuck_out_tongue: nice work man. And you got to keep doing the contests! It will push you to be better and better :slight_smile: you’re doing awesome!

Hey dude not my fault your muscles are the first result google shows when searching for “male biceps” lol
Yeah and already they have been of much help, but I want to focus my attention on some personal projects as well, so we’ll see if I can manage both :wink:

you two are funny Sweat Smile


Looks good

The arm needs more work on the proportions and detailing and the chain needs more work to give it that feeling of breaking from too much streching, but this is pretty much the “sketch” of my idea… well half of it… :wink:

Thank you abless!! :slight_smile:

Looks like you got the hands down pretty good there. RJD must have helped with that. Can’t wait to see this one.

Thank you Crisp!

Sorry I don’t know why this posted the photo as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Immature I think is more like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks man! Of course Ronnie helped a lot, I’m still very warm from all that sculpting, this one came much easier :smiley:

Dang man you are good at sculpting. Love it. By the way you got my bicep just right :stuck_out_tongue:

Que queen song ‘I want to break free’


I like this!!! what a nice muscular arm.

alexkarajohnn, just be so good though, on Saturday I don’t participate with you !!!

Ah don’t worry about it, I’m not efficient or fast and I must have a good idea already to be able to make something look good. You’ll do better than me I’m sure!
Besides it’s not a competition, it’s just for fun :smiley:

Thank Alex! Dude I couldn’t help it, google is full of photographs of your biceps, I tried to find weaker men but couldn’t xD

You got it darling! xD