Free Games!

Yesterday we were talking about games. Sometimes we need a break from Blender and whats more fun than Blender, a game of course! My Favorite World of Warships! Cant pass up a good game of pinball…

I have a few, collecting for my retirement. Kinda cant pass up cheap deals. Regularly purchase from Humble Bundle.

I also purchased Blender Ebooks from here and Fanatical as well. Good place for affordable additional resources. When I drive around the country with my work I have an e-reader read them out to me. Not quite the same as doing but you still pick up some tips.

I seem to have an abundance of spare game keys.

If anyone wants any from the list below, just PM me your email address and I will gift them to you. I believe this is whats left but cant guarantee. If its spare, you can have them, just ask.

The Free Game List (I dare you):

Abyss Odyssey
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition

Bionic Dues


Broken Sword: Director’s Cut Steam key

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Steam Key


Dead Island GOTY and Saints Row: The Third - The Full DLC Package

Dead Space Steam Key

Dead Space™ 2

Dear Esther

DEFCON Multiplayer Key

Dragon Age™: Origins

Duelyst - 20 Spirit Orbs

Duelyst - Cosmetics Bundle

Else Heart.Break()

ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition


Gods Will Be Watching

Gone Home With Soundtrack

Killing Floor - Chickenator DLC

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 1 DLC

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 2 DLC

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 3 DLC


Lumino City

Magicka + 2 DLC

Multiwinia Multiplayer Key


Pinball FX2 - Base game and Civil War Table

Pinball FX2 - Mars Table

Pinball FX2 - Star Wars™ Pinball: Balance of the Force Pack



Shadow Complex Remastered


Strife Closed Beta Key

Titan Quest Steam Key

Hey just to play Limbo it’s worth it! lol fun game :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Limbo IS a great game. Love that parallax scrolling & DOF. Good puzzle elements too.