Frame based driver

Yesterday June 20 of 2019 I watched a Blender tutorial on youtube (" ") and through out I noticed an interesting detail.

In blender we can use the expression #frame to add an automatic driver to an mesh or texture value. For example you wish to rotate a mesh on the Y axis, you can manually specify it or you can press N on your keyboard and on the transformation tab that will appear, click on the Y axis rotation and write #frame plus an expression like #frame*0.25, and press enter

You’ll see that the field will change color to specify that a drive has been implemented, and if you hit play animation button, the object will rotate automatically on the Y axis.

This can also be used for the other axis as well as scale and location and any other place in blender that allow the use of drivers


Very cool man! Thank you for sharing I think people will find this helpful :slight_smile: