Food Contest WIP

Still have a little more to do to this but figured I would share where it is at right now.

God this is amazing! I am drooling over here. @fraroses what do you think? I think Steve gets the stamp of approval! That approval is if I drool…It’s good. Plus you’re not even done yet :smiley:

I’m willing to find out what digital tastes like.

Hahaha, trust me the real thing is much much better. :smiley: Thanks though. :slight_smile:

I am fearing the culinary artists eyes looking at this already, thanks a lot for reminding me Alex. :stuck_out_tongue:

dear flying? ,

it’s not my fault for what I’m going to say, but it’s professional distortion, grant me this ?. I find it too perfect, especially the upper part, I don’t like the striped saucer, but these are personal tastes; the cream seems a little liquid; what’s inside the glass?; Why does the fork have designs that I end suddenly? But since you wrote that you still have to finish it, I will wait without saying anything else ??? sorry, usually I don’t say anything about other people’s work, but it means that I like it and it’s never bad to receive criticism or advice to improve, on the contrary it helps sometimes, even if each of us decides the best thing for himself, that it’s the best thing. (the longest comment I have written so far in here) ??? bravo flying?

alex have you decided for me? ?..from my super long comment, no approval would have been said. Guys Im kidding ok? ???

Yum - lookin good FB

I have forks that the design ends suddenly lie this. Don’t know why, but they do. Man Shrugging