Food Contest WIP

Something I might turn in for the contest.

Great. Now I’m hungry. Thanks Ed.

I’ll take two please! :stuck_out_tongue: Looking promising Ed, best of luck with it!! :smiley:

Looking great Ed! Almost a 4 by 4 from In N Out :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick Update…

This is awesome Ed! I’m hungry now lol! One thing that comes to mind is try adding an HDRI image for lighting. Other than that, amazing!

Looking good.

Epic Meal Time…

It definitely is epic mealtime.

4 layers woooow

I may have to have a burger today lol.

I just noticed the engraving. HDR lighting would probably help.

haha Epic Meal Time lol. I’ve seen a couple of their vids on YOUTUBE. Nice Ed! Coming along for sure!